With the help of a retractable drawer you will be able to control the maturation of the mite of varroa in the prophylaxis and treatment of bees. To do this, simply place in the drawer an evaporator, a sponge moistened with a solution of organic acids or a smoke pill. If you find a large number of parasites in the drawer, you immediately have the opportunity to take the course of treatment on time and prevent the death of the bee colony. Such design of the bottom platform is convenient and effective in combating mites with the help of organic acids and is an ecological method for treating bees.

When treating arthritis with a pill, follow these steps:

  1. completely shut off the beehive door entrance;

  2. close the vents in the roof of the hive and in the subassembly;

  3. place a smoke pill on the stand, set it aside and place it in the drawer;

  4. pull tightly into the drawer;

  5. in about 20 minutes, open the airbag, and, if necessary, vent holes in the roof of the hive and in the subassembly.

It will be expedient to check the effectiveness of the fight against ticks in a day. During this time, the bees will get rid of the dead parasites. Using an acid evaporator, place it in the drawer for a period of 10-14 days. If necessary, the beehive door entrance should be reduced.