Holes in the body (additional borehole) and liner will help you solve many problems.

When you do not have a free hive or core, and you need to unite a family or plant a young womb, we offer a good solution!

Install the liner on the socket housing. All plugs are removed and 7 ventilation grilles in the liner should be open.
In the empty case we put 2-3 frames with closed fruit, at the exit, one by one with perga and honey. Just put in this case 1 frame with land moistened with water. On top of the liner install this case. The upper body is ready to receive the young uterus.
In the upper body we plant a young fetal uterus with a retinue. Close the vent grating in the upper housing.
After 2-3 days, when enough bees come out of the closed brood, remove the ventilation grill from the taphole in the upper hull. If the implanted uterus is intended to be replaced, then remove the liner. Do not worry, bees will unite without aggression, as they have a common smell. There is no need to disturb the nest and look for the old uterus, the young healthy uterus will quickly take the place of the old one.

If the undersized fetal uterus is intended to create a new family, then we offer two options:

Option 1 "plaque on the uterus"

It is better to do this during the day when worker bees are “not at home”. We install the lower body with the old uterus to a new place, preferably to another point, at a distance of 7 km from the previous one. The flight bee, which was “on the fly”, after changing the hull, returns to the “new” hull with a young fetal uterus and remains there.

Option 2

Before the opening of the ventilation grille, we move the body with a young bee and a new queen to a new place, creating a new family.