About our Company:

Six years ago, my neighbor told me that a part of hives from the apiary of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra was for sale. I considered this offer very tempting and without any hesitation purchased six long hives. That very day I had in mind that I won a jackpot. Thoughts were tumbling in my head and I was overwhelmed with emotions. First, I thought I will have my own honey, secondly, the "holy" bees will produce "holy honey", thirdly, honey strengthens health, and it is always great to be healthy. And thus, with such ideas and high hopes I placed six hives at my site 20 kilometers away from Kiev. Since I am a very responsible, serious and very keen person, as soon as I placed the hives, all my thoughts and interests were concerned with only one thing, i.e. how to provide comfortable living environment for my bees. I subscribed to all printed publications on beekeeping, became a member of all beekeeping groups in social networks, visited all exhibitions and forums in Ukraine and in Europe, registered the apiary and became a member of Ukraine Association of Beekeepers.

I thought I made a big breakthrough within one year. So, by 2014, I had ten bee families. I read a lot of specialized literature, my knowledge of English proved to be useful, I watched videos on YouTube, met and was in touch with beekeepers in social networks, visited industrial and amateur apiaries on almost all continents, purchased hives of all types, systems and configurations made from various materials (wood, plastics, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam), which are commonly used in different countries throughout the world. I was among the first in Ukraine to acquire the Flow Hives invented and made in Australia.

By the end of my third honey season, I could boast with thirty hives, reserve of honey in my pantry, great knowledge and experience, new friends, dozens of notebooks filled with experiments, observations, and conclusions. During this time, I made the main conclusion on bees developing better and producing more honey in hives made of polyurethane foam. For three years, I had been submitting the samples of honey produced at my apiary to laboratory with the aim to study physical and chemical properties in order to check environmentally neutral properties of polyurethane foam. This material has low thermal conductivity, thus, in summer, it is not hot in hive, and in winter, it is not cold there.  Apart from the optimal temperature, the hive needs to be properly ventilated. Based on my observations, the hives made by Polish manufacturer Lyson were ventilated well.

At the beginning of the fourth honey season, I clearly knew what I want, what I should do for it, and how much I plan to spend on it. During the whole winter season in all world resources I was looking for a hive made of polyurethane foam with proper ventilation, but, unfortunately, I did not find it. I was embarrassed that Ukraine being one of five world leaders in honey production did not use the latest materials and technologies, applying old-fashioned methods of beekeeping instead. Since then, I took interest in idea of ​​creating the perfect hive. My team of like-minded people grew; my wife and sons helped me in the apiary and gave valuable advice in developing new hives.

By the middle of 2018, I issued detailed design documents and drawings jointly with a team of German and Polish design engineers. In February of 2019, with our BEEHOUSE TM beehives we took part in our first exhibition in Kharkiv.

I am blessed and very proud that BEEHOUSE hives united all progressive things in the world beekeeping sphere. This is the result of big job of our team and my family.

We hope that beekeepers will benefit using our hives. You will definitely appreciate how much easier your work has become as well as the increase in the harvest.