Polyurethane foam (PUR) is a material that has been tested over time on many bees in the world. By its durability, it is equal to a linden, and the thermal insulation is ten times warmer than wood (1,57 inch PUR = 15,75 inch of wood).

Practical experience has shown that in the hives made using polyurethane m aintain a reasonably cool temperature in summer, in winter, the decrease in a number of bees is minimal, and in spring, bee families start to develop much earlier and reach their strength faster. Beehives from such a material protect bees in winter from freezing, and in the summer from overheating. Bee families in such hives, use less power and supplies to maintain the necessary temperature in the bee colony, therefore bees can use this power to engage in growing brood and harvesting honey. As a result, the harvest of honey is 30% higher than that of hives from other materials.

Our hives are manufactured in professional forms, due to that fact each element of our product is reliable and monolithic. The corners of upper and lower parts of each case are additionally reinforced with plastic inserts, which makes it possible to work with a beekeeping scraper without any risk of damage to the cases. It will be appropriate to recall that polyurethane foam as a material is absolutely resistant to external environmental influences such as cold, heat, rain, snow, ice. Therefore it does not oppress, does not absorb moisture, resistant to rust and bacteria; it gets bit neither by bees, nor mice nor martens. In addition, polyurethane foam does not cause any allergic reactions.

Polyurethane foam is endowed with a complete set of indicators of environmental friendliness, which is confirmed by a number of hygienic certificates and realities. It does not decompose, it does not interact with any other elements, therefore it is completely inert.

We would also like to point out that the hives made of polyurethane foam are light, ergonomic, functional, comfortable to use and have a modern design. They will fully satisfy the needs of amateurs who have several bees colonies and professionals with large industrial apiaries. Such beehives have proved to be excellent both in stationary and in nomadic apiaries. In addition, our hives are compatible with beehives of other wellknown manufacturers.