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Production of hives
from polyurethane foam

- Motion sensor.
- Temperature and humidity inside the hive.
- Spectrum of sound.
- Hive opening sensor.

Installing under the hive cap

HUB base stations is installed on the apiary, and fixes the weather conditions and wireless collects information from all HIVE mane blocks installed in the hives via wireless LORA network every 30 minutes.

1 time per hour HUB base station sends information to the server via the GSM channel or Wi-Fi. In case of alarm events, such as motion sensor activated, HUB base stations initiate immediate connections.

HIVE main blocks are installed independently on every hive. The design of HIVE main block allows installation on any type of beehive and in any position - from the bottom, side or top.

The equipment operates on the built-in battery for at least 2 years. Term of data storage in the system is not limited.

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Main block - HIVE

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Brand i-bee

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